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Heavy-Duty Parts

We carry an extensive inventory of new parts, for all kinds of heavy duty vehicles including older models.

Central Alberta’s Trusted Choice for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Repairs

At Rocky Mountain Mechanical Maintenance Limited, we understand that breakdowns, roll-overs and many other trucking and hauling issues can happen at any time. That’s why we offer 24 hour towing and recovery services throughout Central Alberta. Our knowledgeable mechanic, and business owner, has over 40 years’ experience with mechanical maintenance, repairs and heavy-duty towing. We offer:

Heavy-duty repairs

Trailer repairs

24-hour towing and recovery

Fleet maintenance

M.F.C. air bag recovery


CVIP inspections

Secure storage yard

For reliable repairs from a company with decades of experience, give Rocky Mountain Mechanical Maintenance Limited a call today.

We’re Members of the Following Associations

Western Canada Automotive Business Association

Alberta Motor Association

Heavy-Duty Repairs

We provide brake repairs, electrical repairs, hydraulic repairs, computer diagnostics and more.

Trailer Repairs

We repair electrical and lighting systems, brakes, axles, suspensions and more.

CVIP Inspections

We offer Commercial Vehicle Inspections, which is a mandatory safety program in Alberta.

Fleet Maintenance

We take care of all fleet inspection services, from detailed work orders to safety inspections.

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