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Heavy-Duty Truck Repairs

40 Years of Heavy-Duty Truck Repairs in Central Alberta

We have over 40 years of heavy-duty experience providing heavy-duty truck repairs throughout Central Alberta. So, whether you need routine maintenance for your fleet or you need an emergency tow and repair, we can help. Our towing and recovery services are offered 24-hours a day, to get your operation back and running no matter what time an emergency occurs. We offer the following truck repair services:

Brakes (air, hydraulic and electric)

Electrical repairs

Hydraulic repairs

Computer diagnostics



Couplers and hitches

Welding and fabrication

ABS brake system



To further enquire about our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Trailer Repairs

We repair electrical and lighting systems, brakes, axles, suspensions and more.

CVIP Inspections

We offer Commercial Vehicle Inspections, which is a mandatory safety program in Alberta.

Fleet Maintenance

We take care of all fleet inspection services, from detailed work orders to safety inspections.

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